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Several arrests in connection to suspected blood doping ring

Recently, several athletes were arrested in Austria in connection with a suspected blood doping ring. At the center of the alleged ring is a German doctor. Investigators reportedly found the doctor’s client list with more than 20 athletes on it from around the word. The doctor and five of those athletes have already been arrested. 

Ready, fire, aim? Examining due process involving athletes

Due process is a legal phrase referring to the accepted standards and practices that ensure fairness in legal matters. Broadly, it is a requirement that the government respect an individual’s rights, including the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

Endorsement Deals And Doping Issues

Many elite athletes supplement their income with endorsements and sponsorships. These come from a wide variety of apparel and equipment brands and often make it possible for athletes to compete at the highest level, especially for athletes in individual sports. However, a positive test or a doping allegation can shatter these delicate relationships in a moment, and many athletes wonder how to navigate their sponsors in these difficult times. As in many legal matters, contract language is critical when it comes to endorsement and sponsorship termination clauses.

Repairing A Damaged Reputation

Being an elite athlete often means being a public figure as well. The more highly-ranked you are in your sport, the more entwined your public and private lives become. In the event of a disciplinary charge or other transgression, a public relations storm often follows, which can damage your reputation.

Privacy Strategies For Public Figures

For most people, controlling their privacy is as easy as tweaking their Facebook settings and being selective about what stories they tell whom. Elite athletes face challenges, though. When the world is interested in what you eat for breakfast, it can be hard to stem the tide of information, especially if you’re grappling with a doping charge or other disciplinary issue. The truth is that people love salacious details.

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