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Eastern Zone Swimming approves anti-discrimination policies

The Eastern Zone Swimming (EZS) approved a new policy barring it from doing business with discriminatory organizations. The group, which oversees 12 local swimming committees for USA Swimming, instituted this new policy because it believes that discriminatory practices violate the Sports Act, which gives certain rights and bargaining power to athletes in Olympic sports.

Lynn Swann abruptly resigns as USC athletic director

Wide receiver Lynn Swann won many accolades as a football player, both as part of the four-time-Superbowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers and during USC’s perfect season in 1972. He subsequently went on to a career that included TV broadcasting and a failed run for the Governor of Pennsylvania in 2006. More recently, he abruptly resigned as USC’s Athletic Director, after a tumultuous three-year run.

Less than one year to the Tokyo Olympics

The XXXII Olympic Summer Games will be held in Tokyo next year. There will be inspirational victories, crushing defeats, and inevitably, controversies involving athlete performance. Politics will play out on the global stage, ideally by showing signs of unity and sportsmanship among the international assembly of athletes. However, it likely will also involve Tweets from the White House. There will be laps in the pool and on the track. Balls will be thrown, caught, kicked, blocked and shot.

NFL hires Jay-Z to provide cover for treatment of Kaepernick

The NFL saw its collective honey pot crack when quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others kneeled during the national anthem before games in 2016. The reason was social justice, particularly regarding law enforcement’s treatment of African-American men, which is a demographic that makes up 75% of the players in professional football. The crack began to gush when Kaepernick, who started in a Superbowl for the 49ers and was in the prime of his career, found that no team was interested in signing him as a free agent after his seven-year contract worth $126 million was canceled after 2016. He was paid just $40 million.

U.S. women's team poised to take on FIFA

There has been a lot of media attention given to the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) before, during and after their unprecedented fourth FIFA World Cup win and second in a row. Team members have courted controversy on several fronts, notably irking President Trump in their rebuff of his invitation to visit the White House.

NCAA comes out against California bill for college athletes

The NCAA is pushing back against a bill in the California legislature that would allow college athletes to earn money for the use of their name, image or likeness beginning in 2023. In a letter to State Assembly committees, NCAA President Mark Emmert told lawmakers that if the bill passes California schools might be prohibited from competing in NCAA championships. It will be interesting to see if the NCAA follows through with its threat, as California is home to 23 schools in Division I alone. 

Athletes influence social change throughout history

Along with celebrating back-to-back World Cup wins, the U.S. national women's soccer team has also embraced its role in advocating for LGBTQ inclusion and gender equity. While other professional sports in the U.S. seem to lack openly gay players, the UWNT has become a source of pride for LGBTQ Americans. Time and time again, the team has stood together on issues of inclusiveness.

What professional gamers have in common with pro athletes

Over the last several years, esports have exploded in popularity – reaching audiences as large as many professional sports. Fans can watch esport tournaments live, or more often through a streaming service like Twitch. More than 80 million people tuned in to view the League of Legends World Championship in 2017. The NBA has even launched its own basketball esport league, NBA 2K.

Examining coaches' roles in college admission scandal

By now, you have likely read about the college admissions scandal involving high-profile actresses and dozens of other parents accused of using illegitimate means of getting their children into elite colleges. Fifty people are facing criminal charges as a result of the scheme, but it’s not just the parents facing serious consequences.

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