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October 2019 Archives

Is Antonio Brown getting a raw deal

Talented wide receiver Antonio Brown has been the news a lot this year. There was his demand to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders. There was the controversial resistance to use a new and safer helmet the NFL required players to wear. Then there were the burns to his feet from a mishap in a cryotherapy chamber that helps with swelling. Tired of the drama, the Raiders released him September 7 before its first regular-season game. He was subsequently picked up on September 9 by the Patriots, whose coach Bill Belichick has a history of using talented but troubled players.

Eastern Zone Swimming approves anti-discrimination policies

The Eastern Zone Swimming (EZS) approved a new policy barring it from doing business with discriminatory organizations. The group, which oversees 12 local swimming committees for USA Swimming, instituted this new policy because it believes that discriminatory practices violate the Sports Act, which gives certain rights and bargaining power to athletes in Olympic sports.

California assembly passes measure allowing colleges athletes to earn income

The money surrounding college sports is enormous, with college football and basketball being billion-dollar industries. Unlike professional sports where athletes are handsomely paid for their services, the governing body of the NCAA strictly forbids athletes from seeking sponsorships, endorsements and otherwise profiting from the use of their image and likeness. In other words, everyone is making a ton of money except the athletes.

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