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Rob Gronkowski post-NFL career starts with cannabis oil

We have recently talked at length about the NFL’s stance on marijuana. Now former Patriot’s star tight end Rob Gronkowski - simply known as “Gronk” - has big plans for his next phase in life, including going into business with CBDMedic, which is a cannabis-based topical cream that is applied to aches and pains. He is not the first former NFL player to go into the CBD business, with more players signing up every day to be spokespersons, investors or both.

Always looking downfield

Some athletes think they have no aptitude for business. However, starting a business takes vision, discipline and hard work. Gronk talks about the challenges of business with CNBC, finding many similar qualities in the two fields of sports and business, particularly for those with a drive to be successful. The man knows what he’s talking about – despite earning over $50 million playing in the NFL over nine years, he saved nearly every penny of it (including his signing bonus) because he has seen plenty of football players blow through their money.

Instead, he used several lucrative endorsements that amounted to about $3.5 million throughout his career. He also had a short-lived TV show on Nickelodeon. This income alone is obviously enough to carry Gronkowski, age 30, to a comfortable retirement, but that is not part of the plan yet.

Cannabis is a growth industry

Despite the fact the FDA has not approved the hemp derivative, CBD or cannabidiol has reportedly helped a lot of people manage temporary or chronic pain without the euphoric effect of using marijuana. Gronkowski claims he was in such pain after a hit in the 2018 Superbowl that he was barely able to sleep. He says that he is now pain-free for the first time since he began playing professional football at age 21 and says that he owes it to CBD.

During his press conference announcing the new partnership with CBDMedic, he took his advocacy further by calling on the NFL to loosen its restrictions on the organic pain reliever. He claims that he could return to playing if he was allowed to use the product but now seems content to focus on advocacy for CBD.

Athletes have a right to CBD treatment

Ideally, this will lead to less pain for NFL players and other professional athletes prohibited from using this product. Those penalized for using these CBD or other treatments that make them feel better can consult with an attorney with experience handling drug violations and other legal issues specific to professional athletes.

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