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September 2019 Archives

Lynn Swann abruptly resigns as USC athletic director

Wide receiver Lynn Swann won many accolades as a football player, both as part of the four-time-Superbowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers and during USC’s perfect season in 1972. He subsequently went on to a career that included TV broadcasting and a failed run for the Governor of Pennsylvania in 2006. More recently, he abruptly resigned as USC’s Athletic Director, after a tumultuous three-year run.

Pay for college athletes gaining momentum

Anyone who attends a Division 1 football game or the March Madness basketball tournament sees the incredible amount of money involved. The fact is that college sports are now big business. However, while professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to compete and many sign lucrative endorsement deals, the money in college sports bypasses the “scholar/athlete” and goes to schools, athletic departments, coaches, clothing companies, media companies and other businesses in the college sports food chain. 

Rob Gronkowski post-NFL career starts with cannabis oil

We have recently talked at length about the NFL’s stance on marijuana. Now former Patriot’s star tight end Rob Gronkowski - simply known as “Gronk” - has big plans for his next phase in life, including going into business with CBDMedic, which is a cannabis-based topical cream that is applied to aches and pains. He is not the first former NFL player to go into the CBD business, with more players signing up every day to be spokespersons, investors or both.

Less than one year to the Tokyo Olympics

The XXXII Olympic Summer Games will be held in Tokyo next year. There will be inspirational victories, crushing defeats, and inevitably, controversies involving athlete performance. Politics will play out on the global stage, ideally by showing signs of unity and sportsmanship among the international assembly of athletes. However, it likely will also involve Tweets from the White House. There will be laps in the pool and on the track. Balls will be thrown, caught, kicked, blocked and shot.

NFL hires Jay-Z to provide cover for treatment of Kaepernick

The NFL saw its collective honey pot crack when quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others kneeled during the national anthem before games in 2016. The reason was social justice, particularly regarding law enforcement’s treatment of African-American men, which is a demographic that makes up 75% of the players in professional football. The crack began to gush when Kaepernick, who started in a Superbowl for the 49ers and was in the prime of his career, found that no team was interested in signing him as a free agent after his seven-year contract worth $126 million was canceled after 2016. He was paid just $40 million.

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