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December 2018 Archives

Dogra remains embroiled in legal battle

As emotional and passionate as people are about professional sports, the fact is that it is a business. And while players may be the most visible parties in this business, there are agents, coaches, administrative personnel and countless others who play a role in professional sports. 

Discrimination against women in the sports industry

We are living in an era of #MeToo and other movements aimed at bringing awareness to women’s rights and the ongoing struggles women face in the pursuit of equal treatment in the workplace. These efforts certainly extend to the fields, courts and roads that thousands of female athletes call their workplace. 

Contrasting views on DeVos’ proposals

People have long awaited an announcement from Betsy DeVos on the proposed changes for how schools address and respond to claims of sexual harassment and assault allegations. That waiting is over now that the Secretary of the Department of Education has announced her proposals. 

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